Dear Judy,

One of the most unfortunate characteristics of human nature is forgetfulness. I don’t think anything has struck this home to me quick as harshly as the movie Memento did. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. I mentioned to you yesterday that one of the brilliant revelations from Alain de Botton, in his Atheism 2.0 talk (found here:, was the ridiculous need for people to constantly be reminded of the things we have already learned.

This aspect of faulty memory truly upsets me – how am I to near that already inaccessible dream of self-fulfillment if I forget all that I learn along the way?

I think this blog is a great idea, Judy. Our epiphanies are wasted if they are not revisited (not to mention shared)! Looking back on my old journals – created during the infrequent phases when I somehow found it in me to commit to them – I never fail to relearn something incredibly important. Not to mention, one of the best feelings comes from realizing that the personal issues I was trying to overcome in a certain period of my life, I was actually successful in resolving!!! I always doubted forward progression – at least in a visible sense. But I have indeed come a long way from three years ago – much to your credit.

I really look forward to spending time with you on this blog. I hope it works as an outlet for frustration, an opportunity to share our findings, a source of learning, and a fun pastime for both of us!

Love always,


“A Recipe for Both Memory and Wisdom” – Plato


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